Atlas GéoCircus

The great traveler, Atlas GeoCircus, has just returned from his world tour across the globe. Atlas GéoCircus, it is actually the actor Yan Imbault who, for over 15 years, made a career in the field of entertainment as a circus entertainer and musician, created this character to amuse families and students of all ages. As an animator, juggler, and explorer, Atlas GéoCircus has more than one trick in his bag to make audiences laugh with humor as they take an educational journey learning about the different countries and their peoples. He also raises awareness of social issues such as poverty and injustices all over the world. Atlas GeoCircus has been presented to over 500 audiences across Canada. 

Bring your passports and your suitcase for a bold and widely entertaining take off with Atlas Geocircus! Shows are suitable for students age 4-11, and age 12-17.

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