Canadian Parents for French-Simcoe County North Chapter

Canadian Parents for French-Simcoe County North Chapter in conjunction with The Society for Educational Voyages and Experiences Canada offer  a three week summer French exchange for students who are currently in grade 7 and grade 8 living in Simcoe County and in the Québec City region. Each Simcoe County student will be paired with a partner from the Québec City area.  The Québec students will stay with their Simcoe County partners and work to strengthen their English skills for 11 days.  In the second half of the exchange, Simcoe County students will travel to Québec, to stay in their partners’ homes and practice communicating “en français”.  This trip will be a wonderful cultural and linguistic experience for ALL levels of French students. Participants will experience three weeks of activities, accommodations, meals and coach transportation. Three days of family activities are also scheduled, so that students can better get to know their host families and do a number of family activities together.

Barrie Region
Grade Range
Grade 7 – Grade 12
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