Conteurs du Canada

Let’s keep the voices of our elders, one story at a time. Through the art of storytelling (in person and by audio recording), Storytellers of Canada connects people, reflects culture and inspires discovery.

Launched in 2002, “StorySave” is a storytellers by Canada project that captures the voices of the elders of the fairytale community in Canada. Each year, a new storyteller is chosen from numerous nominations from across Canada based on his or her personal style or the remarkable nature of his repertoire that deserves to be preserved.

These voices then become available to audiences around the world and enter into living heritage through our website, as well as through the production and sale of compact discs and downloadable albums and, through a new initiative that will be launched in 2018, through the production of audio documentaries about storytellers to accompany albums. “Story Save” is a new way for storytellers across the country to reach their audiences. Visit the website for a complete list of storytellers and a list of speakers and bilingual resources.


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