Art Explore Studio

Art Explore Studio is passionate about self-discovery and exploration. It aims to help children and adults renew their sense of playfulness, tap into their creativity and provide an experience-based, arts approach, while imparting valuable, artistic knowledge and skills.

The studio is located in Richmond Hill/ Toronto. They offer a French art summer camp which is designed to unleash your creative power while improving your French language skills. The camp focuses on art for self-expression as participants learn about tapping into their boundless source of creativity in a safe, non-judgmental, process-based approach. Activities include: drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture while building skills in risk-taking, self-confidence, self-trust, and passion. Camp is suitable for children age 6 and up.

Toronto and Area Region

53 Greenbank Dr.

Richmond Hill, ON  L4E 4C4

416 910 5185
Grade Range
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