Groupe Média TFO

Groupe Média TFO is a major destination for children and the public in search of educational and innovative content in French. It offers stimulating experiences and award-winning content in the forefront of digital learning. TFO, Mini TFO and, the first online service evaluation and ranking of educational applications in French and English, are among the services offered by Groupe Média TFO.

Groupe Média TFO also presents IDÉLLO (, a new dynamic multilevel digital platform designed to cater and adapt to different types of learning. IDÉLLO brings teachers, early childhood educators, students and parents an array of resources and functions that satisfy the desire for new ways to learn. IDÉLLO offers thousands of rich, up-to-date educational resources in French, as well as functions and a workspace that encourage communication between communities of users with common interests.


21 College Street, Suite 600

Toronto, ON  M5G 2B3

416 968 3536
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