Historica Canada

Historica Canada is the largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship. Their programs, all of which are offered bilingually, reach more than eight million Canadians annually. While their headquarters is in Toronto, they also operate the Ottawa-based Encounters With Canada youth program, and their staff regularly travel coast to coast to coast to meet participants and promote engagement in their activities.

Historica Canada provides educators, students and all interested Canadians with a variety of educational programs, events and resources that help Canadians of all ages engage in meaningful ways with our history, identity and shared citizenship. Some of the programs available include a platform for speakers, students and other Canadians to share their experiences, opinions and insights.


2 Carlton Street, East Mezzanine

Toronto, ON  M5B 1J3

1 866 701 1867
Grade Range
Grade 7 – Grade 12
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