Joanna Moon – Performer / Musician

Originally from Québec, Joanna is inspired by a range of outstanding flamenco artists from Spain. She creates a unique musical sound that is both personal and refined. A woman from the north, marrying wild, warm and sensual Andalusian and Cuban rhythms to her French and Spanish lyrics. After having explored many musical avenues, including folk and progressive rock, Joanna discovered her own path and today her art is an expression of a musical sphere that has always fascinated her.

Joanna also presents “French World Café”, an interactive workshop for students of French Immersion, Core and regular classes. Joanna’s French World Café is held in schools, festivals and summer camps and has also been a regular feature at Lula Lounge in Toronto since 2009. Joanna has worked as an ‘Artist in Residence’ in Toronto schools with the Conseil Scolaire de District Centre Sud. In 2013, she received her Artist-Educator Certificate after completing the Toronto Royal Conservatory Artist Educator Foundations Course sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council.

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