John Ralston Saul – Author/ Speaker

John Ralston Saul is a world-renowned author, philosopher and co-founder of French for the Future. Declared a “prophet” by Time magazine, John Ralston Saul is a leading thinker and visionary—known for his astute commentaries on wide-ranging topics, such as civilization, citizenship, human rights, globalization, economics, warfare, and society. A stimulating and provoking speaker, an award-winning essayist and best selling novelist, and a highly decorated Canadian, he examines where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed.

A coveted speaker, Saul has delivered esteemed talks around the world. He acted as the Massey Lecturer;  gave the Harold Innis Lecture, the inaugural LaFontaine–Baldwin Lecture, the J.D. Young Memorial Lecture, and the Ideas Lecture; and he has also spoken at the Sydney Opera House.

Grade Range
Grade 7 – Grade 12
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