Laurentian University

As the first bilingual university officially recognized under the French Language Services Act (FLSA), Laurentian University provides its students and faculty with an environment in which the two official languages of Canada are respected. Fueled by its bilingual and tricultural mandate, Laurentian University upholds a strong Francophone focus. Thanks to the many programs it offers entirely in French, internal directives and procedures, not to mention multiple partnerships promoting the Francophonie, Laurentian contributes to the development and outreach of the French language in Ontario, Canada and on the global stage. With 800 course sections offered in the French language each year, Laurentian University provides its students with specialisations, concentrations, majors and minors leading to 150 university degrees from the bachelor’s to the doctoral level in 43 disciplines. Six faculties are directly involved in offering French-language programs at Laurentian.

Laurentian also offers the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Bilingualism which highlights language abilities in both official languages. The certificate is awarded to students who earn a minimum of 15 credits in courses offered in English or French – whichever is not the language of study – during their program of study at Laurentian University.

Laurentian University has two campuses located in the city of (1) Sudbury and (2) Barrie.

  1. 935 Ramsey Lake Rd. , Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6
  2. 1 Georgian Dr., Barrie, ON L4M 3X9
Sudbury-North Bay Region

935 Ramsey Lake Rd.

Sudbury, ON  P3E 2C6

1 800 263 4188
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