Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

The Niagara Parks Commission opened the doors of its Butterfly Conservatory is located on the grounds of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens, 10 minutes north of the Falls, the facility houses approximately 2,000 live, free-flying butterflies of about 45 different species. North America’s largest glass-enclosed Butterfly Conservatory, the 1,022 square metre structure protects a lush, tropical environment including a waterfall and pathways meandering 180 metres. The atmosphere is maintained around 27 degrees Celsius and at approximately 75% humidity.

Visits start with a 7-minute introductory video. The video will give a brief look at some of the butterflies and plants housed in the Conservatory, and will review some of the etiquette required in the Conservatory. A French-language version of the video is available upon request. When booking your group visit, ask the Niagara Parks Group Sales representative about renting audio equipment that provides audio commentary for the tour of the Conservatory, available in English, French and other languages.

You may also choose to participate in three Educational Programs presented by Niagara Parks that are designed to enrich your visit to the Conservatory:

  • Parts of a Butterfly (Kindergarten to Grade 3)
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly (Kindergarten to Grade 3)
  •  Colours and Patterns (Grade 4 to OAC)
  • Monarch Migration (Grade 4 to OAC)
London Region

2565 Niagara Pkwy

Niagara Falls, ON  L0S 1J0

905 358 0025
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