The Odyssée ( Odyssey ) Language Assistant Program is a bilingual, paid, professional work experience that involves travelling to Quebec or New Brunswick to work with students for nine months developing their oral communication skills in English.

An Odyssée participant will live in a francophone community where English is likely to be the minority language, which will give the participant the chance to develop fluency in French as they interact in the community and discover the many different cultures that make up French Canada. The program is suitable for students who have completed by the start of the work term at least one full year of post secondary studies, college, or university. English-language skills, both oral and written must be strong. There is not a French-language-skill requirement to apply for the Odyssée program, but some basic oral and spoken skills is considered a great asset. Note that there is no age limit for participation.

Out of Province

900 Bay Street

Toronto, ON  M7A 1L2

1 877 866 4242
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