Experiences Canada

Experiences Canada, formally SEVEC, has over 78 years of experience. With over 350,000 youth participants, Experiences Canada is proud to be a national leader in facilitating educational youth experiences. They offer reciprocal exchanges between groups of Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 17 years. Each group spends time in the other group’s community, typically in another province for a duration of 7 and 10 days for each group (including 2 days of allotted travel time). Their mission is to create, facilitate and promote enriching educational opportunities for youth within Canada for the development of increased appreciation and understanding through programs of exploration in language, culture and community.

Experiences Canada offers a variety of diverse exchange programs. Second-language exchanges make up half of all their youth exchanges. Participants not only gain the confidence to use their second language, but they realize the importance of being skilled in both of Canada’s official languages. Whether your group is learning French or English, Experiences Canada will develop an exchange experience where youth are immersed in their second language.


201 – 1150 Morrison Drive

Ottawa, ON  K2H 8S9

1 800 387 3832
Grade Range
Grade 7 – Grade 12
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