Storytellers of Canada

Saving the voices of the elders, one story at a time. Storytellers of Canada is devoted to connecting people, reflecting culture, and inspiring discovery through the art of Storytelling (in person and in audio).

Started in 2002, StorySave is a project of Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada that records the voices of elders from the Canadian storytelling community. Each year, a new teller is chosen from nominees across Canada who’ve developed a marked personal style in the craft of storytelling, or who have a remarkable body of work that should be kept alive.

These voices are then made available to listeners world-wide as part of a living legacy through our website and through the production and sale of CDs and downloadable albums, and in a new initiative beginning in 2018, the production of an audio documentary on the teller, to accompany the album. StorySave stands out as yet one more way in which storytellers across the land are reaching out to their audiences. Visit the website for a complete list of storytellers, list of bilingual speakers and resources.


601 Christie St, Suite 173

Toronto, ON  M6G 4C7

416 656 2445
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