Supreme Court of Canada

Take a guided tour, and give your students the opportunity to learn about Canada’s highest court and important legal issues.

The Supreme Court of Canada is Canada’s final court of appeal, the last judicial resort of all litigants, whether individual or government.

Canadian courts may be seen as a pyramid, with a broad base formed by the provincial and territorial courts whose judges are appointed by the provincial and territorial governments. The Supreme Court of Canada is at the top of this pyramid and its jurisdiction embraces both the civil law of the province of Quebec and the common law of the other provinces and territories.

Tour guides, who are all law students, will explain to your students how the Canadian judicial system works. They will also tell students how legal issues of public importance are dealt with by the Supreme Court of Canada. Your students may even have the opportunity to participate in a mock trial.

When court is in session, it is possible for students to sit in on an appeal hearing.

Give your students the opportunity to experience what they learn in class. While visiting Ottawa you’ll find a great mix of inspiring and entertaining educational programs. All programs are offered in English or French, and will meet all your grade and curriculum requirements.

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