Student Work Abroad Program

Student Work Abroad Program ( SWAP ) is a not-for-profit owned by the Canadian Federation of Students. It was founded in 1975 and has sent over 50,000 Canadians abroad on working holiday adventures and career training. They are the largest youth exchange program in Canada and are partnered with reputable partners all over the world.  SWAP is a service that helps young Canadians age 18+ live and work abroad. When you register for any of their programs they arrange for your visa needed to work in your chosen destination. More significantly, they help you find work, accommodation, any everything needed to ensure your working holiday is the fantastic work abroad experience you are after. They offer program opportunities to France and other French language locations.

NOTE: Participants do not have to be a student for the vast majority of their programs. The best way to communicate with SWAP is by email including a request for a call-back telephone conversation with one of their Merit Travel agents.

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