The Fluvarium

The Suncor Energy Fluvarium is a public environmental education centre focusing on freshwater and riparian ecology. Discover the secret life of a river and the watershed and ecosystems of which it is part. See how water shapes our land, our city, our history and our lives.

The Fluvarium level or our ‘windows on a stream’ area has a speculator panoramic view through nine large viewing windows. Walk along with a series of natural water aquariums that showcase fish species usually found in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Explore the many facets of water and see a model of a water molecule. Learn why the earth is called the Blue Planet. Possibly see fish move up the fish ladder. View the fascinating life of tiny things found in water. Discover the techniques of water quality monitoring. Learn how humans interact with water.

The Fluvarium offers a series of programs focuses on how we affect and can help protect the watersheds we live in. Through age-appropriate activities and visiting our Fluvarium animals, youth discover how they can become water stewards in their own community. Groups will visit the river, pond or marsh outside when the weather is good!

All programs can be adapted for any season and can include outdoor and indoor components. The Fluvarium is open to working in french, so contact them to find out if a French-speaking person could offer a program to your school! The flyers on-site are bilingual.

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5 Nagle’s Place

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador  A1B 2Z2

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