The Bilingual Young Leaders are a Youth Committee founded by French for the future. It is made up of 7 young committed bilingual Canadians between 16 and 22, who want to develop projects to promote bilingualism. The Committee serves as a springboard for implementing local initiatives that will help promoting Canada’s official bilingualism via French learning, led by and for youth. The committee represents an expansion of French for the Future’s actions, raising awareness among more young people, while allowing a group of qualified young persons to receive training in governance and project management.

The Youth Committee also acts as an advisory committee for French for the Future, who is willing to maintain a continual dialogue with young people, in order to keep offering them relevant programs.


During its first year, the Youth Committee will have 7 members. This number may change in the course of time, and based on financing. The Committee’s members are between 16 and 22 years old and are bilingual. The Committee members meet once per year in person, and virtually several times per year to discuss and see their project(s) through to completion. In between meetings, the Committee members stay connected to exchange ideas and work on their project(s). They devote about 10 hours per month to the Committee’s activities.

TERM Members may be part of the Committee for a 2-year maximum term. They can complete only one term.

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170 Laurier Ave. W, suite 904

Ottawa, Ontario  K1P 5V5

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