Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF)

The Canadian Education Exchange Foundation ( CEEF ) is a not-for-profit corporation specializing in exchange programs for school groups, students and teachers.

Their exchange programs are designed to:

  • enhance language proficiency
  • increase awareness of other cultures
  • foster global awareness
  • promote personal growth and development

Programs offered include:

Student Exchanges – 2 to 3 month reciprocal educational exchange programs for elementary and secondary school students through partnerships with government and private agencies in many international countries. CEEF student exchanges are school-based.

Educator Exchanges – exchanges for educators at the elementary, secondary and in some cases college levels. CEEF maintains links with the Ministries/Department of Education and Training in addition to official exchange authorities. The basic program assumes that a Canadian teacher will exchange his or her teaching position with an educator in another country or province for a period of one year.

School Groups – the School Partners Abroad program allows schools to benefit from an international partnership which will increase awareness of other cultures, enhance language proficiency, foster global awareness and promote personal growth. Each program involves a class or school group, including a teacher, participating in a two-to-four week exchange with a partner school abroad.

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250 Bayview Drive, Unit #4

Barrie, Ontario  L4N 4Y8

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